Photo: a frame from the video, the Ukrainian political scientist boasted by the value of his clothes

Ukrainian political analyst told how much his wardrobe and what you need to do to wear a jacket for 700 euros.

In the center of Moscow one of the Russian bloggers “caught” Ukrainian political analyst Vadim Karasev and asked how much his clothes. Expert boasted that wears a jacket for 700 Euro and a watch for 13 000 euros. The relevant excerpt of the video appeared on the page in Facebook babaandkit.

Karasev said that cheap blazer from Anderson bought in London for 600-700 euros. A very old t-shirt from Armani it cost 30 euros. Still 400 euros the analyst has estimated the Hooch, for 100 Euro jeans by Kenzo and shoes from Prada. A terrorist wears glasses from Yves Saint Laurent for 200 euros.

In General closet cost the Ukrainian about 42 thousand hryvnia, unless you consider “a gift from the oligarch” – a watch for 13 000 euros, and gift cheaper bag.

Users zatrollit Ukrainians, calling Golohvastov. But there are those who stood up for Karasev.

On the eve of Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova ridiculed for “chastity belt”.

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