Import of goods from Russia in the first four months of this year grew by 31%.

Food products Ukraine imports from Poland and China. Photo: Pixabay

In January-April 2018 year, Ukraine imported from Russia goods worth more of 2.56 billion dollars. According to the latest data of the State statistics service, imports of goods from Russia to Ukraine for the period from January to April this year rose by 31% compared to the same period in 2017. Experts believe that the first place in import of Russia has provided the energy that Ukraine massively buys there.

But food products Ukraine practically does not import from Russia, preferring Poland, China and other countries.

“If we talk about the consumer market, we now do not increase. There were certain allowed to import the goods, they are present on the shelves, for example, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. Nothing no more”, – says Alexey Doroshenko, General Director of Ukrainian Association of Directors of commercial networks

According to him, from Poland, we are increasingly importing food, machines, and equipment for light industry. But ahead of Russia in our trade Poland will still fail, because at this stage we can’t replace the energy that we buy in the Russian Federation.

“If we are talking about the rest of the market – consumer, industrial, Poland is for us one of the first countries. Although we have a lot of imports comes from other countries – Germany, Holland. There are often carry equipment, something more complex. In addition, we trade with the same Holland is quite large, because we often come investments from the jurisdiction of the Netherlands. Even the Dutch are quite actively engaged in business in Ukraine, so we import a lot from there,” says Doroshenko.

For more information on what goods Ukraine buys in Russia, read the material of the website “Today”: Trade with Russia: that Ukraine buys and what couldn’t stop.

Recall earlier we wrote about the fact that Ukraine continues to increase the export of services.

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