Photo: Reuters (argv) Iran will allow private companies to sell oil abroad

The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran allowed private companies to export oil to counter sanctions of the United States of America.

Iran allowed private companies to export oil from the country. Thus, the authorities intend to circumvent the sanctions that the United States promised to reintroduce in the near future, reports Reuters.

According to first Vice President of Iran eshaq Jahangiri, crude oil will be sold through the exchanges, so private companies will be able to buy it and then export in a completely transparent scheme.

He noted that some oil – about 60 thousand barrels per day – and so are offered on the trading floors, however, was intended for export of oil products.

“We want to defeat America’s attempts to stop the export of Iranian oil,” – said the first Vice-President of Iran .

The United States urged the UN security Council to impose sanctions against Iran

We will remind, on early may, the President of the United States Donald trump announced the country’s withdrawal from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. The United States intends to impose an embargo on Iranian oil.

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