The figures for the previous marketing year had already exceeded 70%

Photo: Pixabay

For 11 months of the 2017/18 marketing year the supply of Ukrainian peas on foreign markets amounted to 794,3 thousand tons. This is 70% higher than the previous year, which was 467,5 thousand tons. The export is still quite active, and according to analysts by the end of June to foreign markets can be supplied about 55 thousand tons of this culture.

According to forecasts, by the end of this marketing year, total shipments reached 847 thousand tons. For Ukraine it is an absolute record.


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The main markets for Ukrainian exports of peas in 2017/18 marketing year were India (delivery in this country was 43% of total exports), Turkey (16%) and Pakistan (7%).

Analysts estimated the gross yield of the product in 2018/19 MG 1 million tons. This volume will help to build Ukraine’s export potential in 700 thousand tons. A small reduction in potential supply in relation to the indicators of the ending of the season due to the reduction of stocks of peas on the background of strong exports and an expected slight decrease of production.

Recall also Ukraine sharply increased its exports of berries and nuts. So, in the first quarter of 2018, the value of exports from Ukraine of fruits and berries amounted to 57 million dollars, which is 68% higher than the same period last year.