Experts of the Spanish Association of sweets said that eating chocolate improves memory, protects the skin from the sun and prevents cardiovascular disease.

It is recommended to choose products with the highest cocoa content, because it has less milk and sugar, and, consequently, a lower number of calories, according to

Chocolate improves mood

“100 % cacao is a complete food, containing proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats,” says Santiago Peralta, founder of “Pacari Chocolate”.

Antioxidants present in dark chocolate (polyphenols, flavonoids and catechins) help regulate blood pressure, protect the skin from sunlight and counteract cellular aging. High amounts of magnesium is important for nerve impulse transmission, formation of bones and strengthening of muscles, which is especially necessary to take into account those who regularly perform physical activity.

In addition, the chocolate creates a feeling of well-being and good mood because it promotes the secretion of serotonin. Also, thanks to the theobromine – the alkaloid similar to caffeine, it stimulates the Central nervous system and improves memory.

Despite the sensitivity of this product to high temperatures, especially in summer, it is possible to make refreshing and nutritious desserts, mousses, ice cream or smoothies.

OBOZREVATEL earlier talked about the benefits of almonds and walnuts. They are rich in nutrients that help control blood sugar levels, weight loss, and health of the heart and brain.

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