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The launch date is still not known.

United Arab Emirates is ready to launch the spacecraft to Mars. About it reports a press-service of the space mission on Twitter, writes

“The space Agency of the UAE and the space center Mohammed bin Rashid, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announced the launch date of the probe HopeProbe to Mars. Arab first interplanetary mission will go into space on 17 July”, – is spoken in the message.

However, due to unstable weather conditions it was decided to move the launch to another date – it is not yet known.

The UAE already has experience in space travel. The country has sent satellites to orbit the Earth and one of their astronauts to the International space station.

On 9 June the UAE announced the preparations for launching the first Arab mission to Mars. It was noted that the journey to the red planet will take seven months, because of the need to overcome a distance of about 493 million miles