To get free gadget need to apply. The competition is also allowed former employees of Apple.

Apple has released a batch of free iPhone to search for vulnerabilities. This was reported on the official website of the company.

Gadgets from the party Security Research Device intended for experts in search of vulnerabilities.

iPhone hackers got access to system files in order to optimize the search of imperfections. When participating in the program of testing of cybersecurity gadget will be issued free of charge.

At the same time, Apple will pay up to a million dollars to those who discover bugs in the firmware and will report on them.

To participate in the Apple program Security Bounty everyone. Professionals must apply to be considered for participation in the program in 2021. Ex-Apple employees also are allowed to participate, but they must not work in the company more than a year.

To participate in the program applicants must have an account in the Apple Developer program and successful experience of finding bugs. Also the candidate must reside in the country which were not sanctioned by the United States and be of legal age.

Earlier it was reported that 14 defense iOS hacked in less than a week. Also the Correspondent wrote that the US state Department will pay $2 million for information about Ukrainian hackers.

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