Photo: /Imagespace Elton John paid for the operation the woman left for a couple of weeks before the wedding

He undertook to pay for the operation of a former lover. Also, all expenses, including recovery, he took over.

The rock star of the 70s, a popular British singer and composer Elton John has paid for operation Linda Hannon where you almost got married 50 years ago. About it, on Saturday, June 6, reports the Mirror.

The publication writes that almost 50 years ago, when Elton John was not well known and was named reg Dwight, a musician met with a woman named Linda Hannon.

She supported his desire to sing, helped to pay for “promotion”. As recognized Linda, the singer was just 21 when he proposed to her. But when the ceremony was two weeks, a friend of Elton John, Bernie Taupin, with whom he composed songs, was the groom are actively discouraged from marriage. In the end, the musician, the bride left.

She says that mad at him does not hold and is still on the old memory calls reg. But during a pandemic coronavirus woman finally asked the former to return “the favor.” More precisely, we asked for help.

“My knee was killing me, I couldn’t walk properly for a few months. Needed surgery to replace my kneecap, but I couldn’t afford it, couldn’t afford to take off work,” he told reporters Linda.

When the situation became out of control, she decided to seek help for her Reggie. The woman wrote the email to his representatives, so far as personal mail she had. Indicated details by which Elton John would have definitely recognized her. But the answer was not long, and the woman thought that her message was lost in a pile of others. Then she turned to the musician through the media.

The answer came after this story was written by the journalists.

“Elton learned about the plight of Linda and didn’t hesitate a second to help. He remembers 50 years ago, they needed the support and very happy to help her in this difficult hour,” – said representatives of the musician.

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