Photo: STB Watch online Masterchef 2020 15 issue

The participants of the second season of the show Masterchef. Professionals 15 the issue will have to feed the chefs from previous seasons of the project.

As part of the show Masterchef. Professionals the second season starts the fifteenth edition of the project. In it participants will have to be not only restaurateurs, but also the most economical and professional.

15 week of show cooking, you will create a “Euro bar”. Euro in this case means that the price of all meals must be 30 hryvnia.

Participants will be divided into two teams, come up with the concept and the menu in the form of a café. The number of items in the menu, the chefs discretion. To buy food from participants of Masterchef. Professionals chefs from previous seasons of the project for their own money.

To prepare and issue meals from the professionals will be for 2 hours, and for the purchase of 1,500 hryvnia.

14 edition of the show Masterchef. Professionals, the participants themselves decided the fate of the battle of the black aprons. They formed a mission for battle, trying to be as fair as possible.

As a result, the Vladislav Mitskevich at the beginning of the contest made a mistake and left the show.

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