Lugansk club retained second place in the table before an internal match with Dynamo.

Zarya Lugansk won a landslide victory over the Spike in the match of the 25th round of the Premier League.

Wards Skrypnyk actively started the game and on 13 minutes, converted their advantage into goals. The boar burst into the penalty area, easily beat Gavrish and sent the ball into the goal.

After scoring a goal, dawn continued to control the game and by 30 minutes the shots on goal had the advantage of 8:0, but the scoreboard continued to be isolated in front of the owners. Nice thunders struck his head after a soft canopy Kabaeva, Efremov saved his team a couple of times promising Kabaeva gave the ball to free space, but he failed to convert the chances.

The second half was for the ears, but their activity in what have not resulted. On the contrary, substitute Kozhushko two fouls against Kochergina and Vernydub to the 61st minute earned the red card and left his team in the minority.

Having a numerical advantage, dawn kept the winning score, although at the end of the fight was tired.

The minimum victory allowed the Dawn to maintain second place in the standings. In the next round, on June 13, the team Skrypnyk take home to Dynamo Kiev.

Dawn – Spike 1:0
Goal: Bondage, 13

Dawn: Vasil — Tymchuk (Rock, 76), Vernidub (Tsvek, 76), Cebarco, Abu Hanna — Ivanisenya (Perovich, 80) — Lednev (Khomchenovskyy, 79), Yurchenko, Kochergin — Bondage, Gromov (Lunev, 61)

Spike: Volynets — Efremov, Gavrish, Paramonov (Maximenko, 46), Chernomorets — Bogdanov, Milko (Kostyshin, 63) — Ilin (Bondarenko, 83), Meek Wilhemsson (Morozko, 66) — Lysenko (Kozhushko, 46)

Booked: Ivanisenya, Lednev, Cvek — Wilhemsson, Gavrish, Gentle, Kozhushko

Removal: Kozhushko, 65 (second warning)

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