Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin, who fought on the side of “DNR”, hastened to make excuses for your sensational post about the huge losses of terrorists in the Donbas.

He said that he wrote it only in order to force the occupants to prevent this in the future, and boasted that supposedly did the trick. His position was stated in an article for the Free press.

“After two years of work by our battalion, the number of dead and wounded soldiers and officers exceeded 30 people, and now is about 1/7 of the total composition of the unit. This, of course, a lot. All our operation we seriously worked on and working on it, but, looking back now, we have to admit that part of the loss still could have been avoided”, — says the writer-terrorist.

Continuing to make excuses, he noted that the terrorists could lose even more staff, and then the bill eliminated the invaders were in two or even three times more.

Zakhar Prilepin

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“In any case, I almost never about the losses in our division did not write and did not speak. I went in last time only because he saw the leadership of the army of the “DNR” do not adequately perceive the situation in this sector of the front, where our soldiers. The situation took a critical turn and it was necessary to give to understand to decision-makers. Three days later, I learned that a number of necessary measures to stabilize the situation in that part of the front taken. Well, that worked”, — explained the Prilepin publication of his post, which debunked the myth of the Russian propaganda about “the invincible militia.”

In addition, the offender reacted to the way the news about the mass liquidation of terrorists “DNR” highlighted in the Ukrainian media. He tried to convince his audience that information in the free territories allegedly misrepresented fakes.

“After my post a few dozen Ukrainian media broke the happy news: separable ruined, what a holiday! Basically their message: in raskasta went coffins. These bad people can’t grasp at least the fact that the coffins are usually not going anywhere. Of those four the last time the dead — three were inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. In fact, they are the same Ukrainians as those that rejoice about their deaths, blowing bubbly saliva in all directions”, — commented caustically angry Prilepin.

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Zakhar Prilepin


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, famous Serbian mercenary Dejan “Deki” Beric, who was the sniper in “DNR”, complained of huge losses of terrorists in the Donbas. According to him, in the last two months, they totaled 70 people. Such statistics, he announced at the official briefing speaker of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova.

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