Since April 1, Ukraine will start working the program “Affordable medicine”. To obtain medicines at any pharmacy in the country through electronic prescription, which can be prescribed by family physicians.

We are talking about drugs from the three categories of diseases: diabetes mellitus type II, bronchial asthma and problems of the cardiovascular system. What are and what innovations are waiting for Ukrainians in medicine in the coming months — versed OBOZREVATEL.


  • From April 1, recipes on free medicines will be issued in electronic format via e-health;

  • The patient just have to come to the pharmacy, to provide forwarded to it by the code system and get the drug for free;

  • On the initiative allocated one billion UAH;

  • The list of free medical products with more than two hundred kinds of medicine and dozens of pharmaceutical companies.

What exactly will change on 1 April

From this time starts to act resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, designed to provide Ukrainians with free medicines (due to budget). Part of this program is already in place.

At the moment, for drugs you need to take the doctor’s right prescription, contact the pharmacy that is designated “Affordable medicine” and pick up the necessary drugs totally free or with little fee. In the project across the country involved 8 thousand pharmacies.

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From 1 April the same will happen in electronic format. The family doctor when patients (only one with whom he signed the Declaration) writes him a prescription in e-health. The patient and the pharmacy will be sent a code, by which it is possible to cure.


If necessary or at the request of the patient, the physician can print out the Advisory conclusion, which contains a section with assignments. This section specifies information about prescription and e-prescription.

“If you chose a family doctor, internist or pediatrician is not near the house, and in the next village or town, now get a prescription you can in a convenient pharmacy. Do not have to get medications in the pharmacy, which is next to your physician,” writes the Ministry of health.

The previously detailed map of pharmacies published by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman.

The pharmacist provides medicines which are in the pharmacy and included in the program “Affordable medicine”. The patient then chooses one of them, calls the four-digit confirmation code and gets their drugs. If the necessary drug, the patient can go to another pharmacy and get the medication there.

What do you think the doctors

Respondents OBOZREVATEL experts have responded positively to the innovation.

“Progress is moving, and in a certain sense it is. Let’s see what happens in remote villages but in the cities should settle down. I think the idea right”, — explained to us a member of the Association of family physicians of Kiev and Kiev region Ruslan Dobrovolsky.


According to the Executive Director of the Association of international pharmaceutical manufacturers Vladimir Ignatov, any option of reimbursement is a big plus for domestic medicine.

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“Well, what is being done on a new technological basis and in fact one body pays any pharmacy. Of the minuses, which says the industry is chase of the Ministry of health for the cheapest drugs. Although there are promises that the reimbursement will include drugs with proven bioequivalence,” — said Ignatov.

What medications are in the list

Earlier in Ukraine the Ministry of health issued a list of drugs. Now it includes 261 name from 43 manufacturers. A complete list of medications can be found here.

With regards to producers participating in the program of reimbursement, the list of domestic companies appear: “Lekhim-Kharkiv” borshchahivskiy chemical-pharmaceutical plant “Pharmaceutical company “Health”, “Darnitsa”, Kiev vitamin plant “Farmak”, “Kusum Pharm”, “Kyivmedpreparat”, “Flu”,”Use”.

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Representatives of foreign pharmaceutical market are Sanofi-Winthrop Industrie (France), Richter Gedeon (Hungary), Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (Israel). Also to the Ukrainian has since been joined by manufacturers from countries such as Slovenia, Turkey, Switzerland, Romania, Greece, Malta, Spain, Poland and India.

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Why did you decide to register-name drugs and manufacturers? In many countries in the organization of the health system, the doctors give no name of a particular drug, namely the drug, which needs to treat the disease. In Ukraine also there is a special procedure, previously approved by the Cabinet.

In this situation, the patient appears able to come to the pharmacy to get the medicine that contains this substance. That is, binding to a specific firm no. According to Vladimir Ignatov, the Ministry of health decided to save on the cost of individual drugs.

“For example in Moldova, the government has not tied itself to the medication, and was given the opportunity to choose a remedy on the spot. It is stated in the resolution”, — explained the expert.

How much money is allocated?

According to the Ministry of health, during the program operation (April 2017) issued approximately 33 million prescriptions worth more than 1.7 billion. In 2019, the number of prescriptions increased by 6 million.

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