Sanctions will hit the heart of the Russian economy and enhancing the risks of riots with the participation of the middle class, will force Putin to think, said Michael Morell

Photo: AFP

The head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin has one big fear: he is afraid that someday the Russian middle class will finally rise up against his regime and take to the streets, demanding change. So it was in Tunisia, in Cairo and in other cities across the Middle East and North Africa in the period from 2010 to 2012. It happened four years ago in Kiev, where Ukrainians overthrew a Pro-Russian government, prompting Russian President nervous. Sanctions will hit the heart of the Russian economy and enhancing the risks of riots with the participation of the middle class, will force Putin to think, writes in an article for the Washington Post human resource officer of American intelligence, Michael Morell, who in 2010-2013, he served as Deputy Director of the CIA.

“What should be the sanctions? A good start may be offered August 2 Senate bill “an Act to protect American security from the aggression of the Kremlin in 2018″ (DASKAA), supported by both parties. It is necessary to prohibit any agreement relating to the Russian energy projects, as well as the purchase of Russian government debt new issues. Washington should encourage allies to join this effort,” advises the author of the publication.

Washington’s response to Russia’s intervention in the democratic processes in the United States is ineffective, since strikes are only organizations and individuals who participate in the Russian information wars, I’m sure Morrell. After the 2016 election, the United States imposed sanctions against at least 10 Russian organizations (in addition, some were punished more than once) and at least 23 people. Since these sanctions do not have a serious influence on the Russian economy as a whole, the political consequences for Putin was a minor, he continues.

Therefore, according to the military, the United States needs to fully implement already announced sanctions against Russia. “Putin, it is necessary to clearly indicate that we will cancel the sanctions as soon as it stops interference in the functioning of democratic institutions in the US and their allies, some of which also were “under siege,” urged Morrell.

Also America should protect its electoral system, and especially software, which contains information about registered voters, notes the author.

“Each e-newsletter must have a paper copy, which if necessary can be used for verification of voting results. We need new rules and system, to deny access to foreign money to American elections. The Federal government must work with electoral headquarters, strengthening the security of equipment and networks that they use. Finally, the need for closer coordination of all branches of government to protect the American elections. Apparently, to achieve this in the best way possible, creating a Center for hybrid threats in the image and likeness of the National counterterrorism center,” suggests U.S. intelligence officer.

Recall that the United States is developing new sanctions against Russia, which will affect the Pro-Putin oligarchs. Such a bill has recently been presented by senators from the Republican and Democratic parties of the USA. New sanctions against Russia designed to punish her if she will intervene in the legislative elections of the USA which will be held in November. Democratic Senator Ben Cardin believes that trump statements give Moscow the signal that it can continue to interfere in American political processes.