Exports exceeded imports by $64.8 million, and commercial operations were carried out with 149 countries of the world

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In the Odessa region summed up the results of foreign economic activity. The volume of trade is gradually increasing, the region sells products at a large amount than purchases and with the beginning of the year increased the volume of trade with its immediate neighbour, Moldova (see infographic).

Exports exceeded imports by $64.8 million, and commercial operations were carried out with 149 countries of the world.

“The volume of exports of goods to European Union countries amounted to $175,8 million, or 27.6% of the total volume, and has increased in comparison with January–may 2017 18.6%”, — told in regional management of statistics, adding that the EU accounted for a quarter of imports — $143 million

Interesting changes have occurred in the geography of the countries with which we traded. Since the beginning of the year, the largest market for sellers in Odessa region, Moldova has become, surpassing the previous “foreign” leaders — Turkey and India. Exports to the neighbouring Republic since the beginning of the year, earned 2.5 times more than in the same period last year.

“The Moldovan LEU against the hryvnia rose by 3.2 times. This means that the prices of Ukrainian goods, they have decreased three times. There mostly consist of cheese, butter, dairy products,” — said us economist Edward Karajia.

He podcherknul that the Moldovan LEU — perhaps the most stable currency among the post-Soviet countries.

“It can also be due to the fact that previously there was a trade with Transnistria, but Ukraine is now trying to block such trade. If before the cargo went directly in the Transnistrian city, now mostly through the territory of Moldova, due to this, too, could grow the performance,” — said the scientist Yaroslav Catholic.

Changed structure of goods sold. Despite the usual dominance of plant products, oils and fats 6.6% increase in the export of vehicles. Since the beginning of the year, sold boats more than $40 million, while last year the export of vessels amounted to only $809 thousand and in the last three years did not exceed $2.2 million. Economists assume that this sales volume is associated not so much with the development of industry and shipbuilding, but with the sale of assets.

“We have shipbuilding and weak sales could grow at the expense of what is already there. Begs port fleet tugs. This does not mean that they are directly sold abroad, could just be a change of owners”, — told us the senior lecturer of chair of international economic relations ONEU Mikhail Borisov.

But the biggest importer is traditionally China, which accounts for about a fifth of all expenditures on foreign goods.

“Much of this production is “Seventh kilometer”, Kharkov market “Barabashovo” in Khmelnitsky. We get China a huge number of products of light industry, electronics, and most of that comes in through our ports,” — shared with us the political analyst Gennady Chizhov.


In the structure of exports of finished food products are the bulk of “residues and waste from the food industry” (46,3 from 73.5 million). Economists soothe: similar product really in Vogue, but thanks to increased coverage, is unclear.

Recall, despite the fact that the volume of beer production fell for several years, Ukraine exported to the EU for 2017, 11 million liters of beer, which is 3% of the total volume imported in the European Union product. This is evidenced by Eurostat data.

We also wrote that Ukraine has dramatically increased the export of berries and nuts.

Meanwhile, the expert explained why there was a decline in demand for Ukrainian goods. The Ministry of economic development and trade recently announced that for the first four months of 2018 the export of goods from Ukraine to the EU increased by 43% compared to 2017, amounted to $ 6.6 billion.

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