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In The District. Zhiguli drove into the cyclists got lost. Photo:

Summer in Kharkov and region significantly increased the number of accidents involving cyclists. Only in June there were 16 accidents, four of them, the drivers of two-Wheeler killed or seriously injured. After talking with the police and experts, “Today” has investigated the causes of the accidents and that will help preserve the life and health of owners of two-wheeled steeds.

The trend has continued in the last month of summer. So, on August 4 at St. Matyushenko cyclist ended up under the wheel of the Ford Fiesta, and August 2, 72-year-old cyclist lost consciousness while driving and rammed the bus. From injuries he died.

One of the most resonant road accident this summer took place on 6 July at prospect of Independence, where the Toyota Prado running 58-year-old Olga Kotova moved 19-year-old motorcycle racer, champion of Ukraine Andrey Bessonov. The driver of a foreign car for a traffic violation threatens from three till eight years of imprisonment (article 286 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

District court of Kiev chose for Olga Kotova measure of restraint in form of detention for 60 days without the right to bail. Protection of the suspect filed an appeal, which tried to ask for the driver house arrest in connection with poor health, but the court of appeal left the woman under arrest. There is a pretrial investigation and in the case of a fatal accident on the ring road, where on 17 June “the Zhiguli” under control of a 42-Leny men flew into a group of cyclists. In the accident then killed a 32-year-old woman and two 16-year-old boys were injured.

REASONS. According to police, most accidents involving cyclists happen because of traffic violations and personal negligence as cyclists and other road users. While drivers complain that many cyclists do not observe traffic rules.

“I often ride on the ring road at night. Many times, faced with a situation where in a night-time cyclists was moving on the road without any identification of objects, no lights, no reflectors. Also you break, moving is not on their side,” says motorist Valery Ivanov.

Cyclists your opinion on this situation: they believe that our roads are not adapted for riding on two wheels: because of the lack of Bicycle lanes have to share the roadway with motorists who often go, the speed limit and not noticing those pedals.

“Right now, cyclists do not feel like full participants of traffic. Some of them huddled on the sidewalks, which is dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists themselves, others drive on the roads, which could also provoke unpleasant situations on motorways. The city lacks a common infrastructure that will allow you to use a bike as transport,” — told “Today” the President of NGO “Bicycle club “Kharkov Bicycle Union” Victoria Smagina.

According to experts, the cause of accidents with cyclists and other accidents is the ignorance of road users of traffic rules and the lack of control by law enforcement agencies.

“With each passing day, the popularity of bicycles is growing, and more and more people opt for two-wheeled transport. There are no steps from the government officials and law enforcement agencies in terms of training and monitoring of cyclists are not seen” — says Yaroslav Lepetiuk, lecturer at SDA Kharkiv state automobile and road College.

He is convinced that, besides training, you also need to provide the registration of bikes, and after training the owners of the iron horses have to get a license. Experts believe that the punishment for cyclists for traffic violations is to make a more significant.

“How many people now goes no beeps, reflective elements, lights? And how many of them fined for this? In addition, for violations of the rider rules provided ridiculous fines. For example, for driving a Bicycle while intoxicated, according to article 127 of the code of Ukraine on administrative offences, the cyclist will pay only 85 hryvnia. I believe that the police must follow all road users equally and equitable to punish them for the violations”, — says Yaroslav Lelyuk.

Earlier in Kharkiv, the cyclist crashed into the open door of the car: a man died in the hospital.

We will remind, near Zhitomir minibus killed 13-year-old cyclist. According to preliminary information, the driver, moving in the direction Exactly, hit the cyclist, who was crossing the roadway outside the crosswalk. As a result of accident from traumatized 13-year-old boy, resident of the village Cheremoshnoye, died on the spot.

Earlier in Kiev on the unregulated pedestrian crossing, a car from VIP motorcade was hit by 13-year-old cyclist.

Meanwhile in the US, the Cougar mauled a cyclist.

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