A naked man in years in front of tourists for a long time was chasing an animal. Funny shots with him he was allowed to publish in the network.

In Berlin wild boar stole the nudist thing “forced” to fight for themselves. Funny moment on a photo captured by a local resident Adele Launder, posting them on his page in Facebook.

A curious incident occurred in the popular holiday destination of lake Teufels. Dwelling on the net the video frames as a fully Nude middle-aged man chasing after a boar.

The animal’s teeth noticeable bag. Also in wild boar was followed by two pigs. Witnesses of the curious incident of dozens of people.

It is noted that in the stolen bag was a notebook of a nudist, so he chased animals.

Also the photographer said that after the “end of chase” showed the photos made man. According to her, nudist laughed and permission to publish the photo online.

Earlier it was reported that in Transcarpathia couple has sex near the Church. Also the Correspondent wrote that in Italy nudists fined for violation of the race.

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