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The man received from China packing dirty socks. Recipients fear of the mysterious parcels assuming that they send not out of good intentions.

The Americans began to get a new mysterious parcels from China. About this newspaper the New York Post.

It is reported that in several us States and locals got sunglasses and whistles.

One of the girls received the parcel, faith Tankersley afraid of its contents. The woman believes that people send this in good faith and is afraid of something malicious inside.

Another resident of the United States of America Kelly Iitti received a package of medical masks made in China. The woman sure didn’t order the masks and can’t find an explanation.

A resident of the village of Endicott complained that he received from China packing dirty socks.

Earlier it was reported that the Americans began to receive from China suspicious of a parcel with seeds. Later it became known and about the recipients from other countries. Also the Correspondent wrote that the man bought at auction a car full of cocaine.

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