Photo: Guizhou Urban Daily

Doctors cannot determine the cause of the continuous growth of the abdomen, which weighs around 20 kilograms.

Chinese women because of the unknown disease have increased the stomach of anomalous dimensions. The reason for its growth is unknown, reports the Daily Mail.

A resident of the Chinese province of Guizhou 36-year-old Juan Hasani claims that the abdomen began to swell two years ago. Now the belly of mother of two weighs about 20 pounds and continues to grow.

The Chinese went to different doctors. It turned out that she had cirrhosis of the liver, ovarian cancer and abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity and chest. To determine the cause of the growth of the stomach, the experts failed.

Doctors performed surgery to remove the fluid, but immediately after, my stomach started to swell.

A woman can not care for children, to walk normally and sleep. She hopes that telling his story to the media, will be able to collect the necessary treatment amount.

The local hospital ready to take Hosani for treatment, but you need at least 30 thousand yuan (about 120 000).

Earlier it was reported that the athlete died after drinking alcohol with no food. The Correspondent also wrote that “the deceased” came to the police after his funeral.

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