Photo: Darren Fletcher – The Sun Man arrested in magazine because of the big penis

The cashier at the store asked the Englishman to remove his pants because of the big bulge that was his genitals.

In England an employee of the store put in an awkward position of the buyer, asking him to remove his pants. The reason was too big a man’s penis. It is reported by The Sun.

A curious incident occurred in one of the clothing shops in England. When the man-the buyer walked up to the counter, the seller I suspected him of stealing.

The woman pointed to a noticeable “bulge” in the pants 47-year-old man and asked him to remove them. The buyer replied that it was his genitals, but the cashier didn’t believe.

The man took off his pants right near the cash register, but the employee asked the guard to look the buyer in the dressing room. There the man took off the pants, proving that nothing was stolen. Convinced of the honesty of the buyer, the security guard told this to the cashier.

The man himself caught in an awkward situation, he says he was in a very tight jeans, his tight 25-inch manhood.

Yesterday it was reported that Mexican defiantly naked in the store. Also the Correspondent wrote that the “zombie model” startled the guests of the fashion show.

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