Photo: sm-news Fashion 2019: top main trends of autumn/winter 2019/2020

Indian summer in Ukraine ended, it became much colder. So it is already possible to fully prepare for the autumn-winter season. offers to consider the main fashion trends that will help you to choose the wardrobe for the new season. Let us consider the main trends of the season autumn/winter 2019-2020, in more detail. Tell about fashion trends in clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry.

The main trends autumn-winter season 2019-2020 in clothes.

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Trench Havelock

This unusual word refers to the kind of outerwear that is a trench coat with a small Cape. The name of this trench received due to the British General Henry Havlock, known in the military campaign in India.

The charismatic General was wearing similar cloaks. Stylish capes, which differ in texture and color (wool, cotton, leather) and have an unusual shape, for example, in the form of capes. Fashionable Havelock has managed to demonstrate Kate Middleton.

The abundance of red and lime

The designers decided that the cold season is not a reason to dress up in fashionable clothes of dull colors, so this season on trend in a bright red color. At the same time to dress up in red from head to toe, creating both a casual look and evening. Since come back into fashion 70s, designers offer to combine blood red with black and grey.

A separate trend, which must be red, cell. Red-black cell can be performed in different ways, looks great as a cage-Buffalo and tartan.

Neon has frequently appeared on the catwalks this season, most of the clothes color of a juicy lime. Fashion brands advised to wear lime color solo or combine with items of clothing in black or purple colors.

All in leather

Leather seems to be seriously and permanently in Vogue. On both sides of the Atlantic designers have demonstrated that jackets, skirts, pants, jumpsuits, dresses made from natural material may look expensive, and practical to be worn. Many have introduced the most brutal version of the trend in black.

Three-dimensional form

Unexpectedly voluminous shape appeared in the collections of autumn-winter season. Designers presented cloaks, repeats the shape of those who wear super-heroes in the comics. Decorate them with original parts cut.

Under the scrutiny of the designers were back shoulders. Last year, the fashionistas were offered a jacket with an unusual cut of sleeves, and this sculptural flounces, ruffles, three-dimensional appliques adorn even casual dresses and evening gowns.

A La 70s

Designers often ask for ideas for inspiration in the past. Last year under the gun was the ‘ 80s. In the season 2019/2020 attention stylists went to fashion 70’s. This time was called the “decade of freedom”. In clothing there are aggressive elements of punk, namely, spikes and chains. They can be observed on the clothes in glamorous style, as well as sports silhouettes.

Festive outerwear

Jacket-”marshmallows” so popular last season, this year will not lose its relevance. Now they can even become the subject of evening clothes. For example, new Moncler there is even quilted dresses. A more realistic oversized jackets with huge sleeves or mini-jackets, ending in the waist and accentuates her beautifully.

Floral print and cage

Clothes in the cell do not lose relevance in the near cold season. Especially fashionable cell will be on top of the clothes. The type and size of the cells does not matter, it can be an English classic or more dynamic patterns. Colors – diverse, but closely watching the developments in the catwalks, he noticed that the red and black cells were the most.

Floral prints are also relevant, even in trend outerwear with a floral pattern. Look beautiful on clothing massive flowers.

Brilliant decor and the lightness of the feathers

Sequins, rhinestones and sequins are appropriate for evening attire, but designers have decided that daily onions without them is boring. Decorated with shiny, iridescent elements and accessories. Hardly anyone will undertake to argue with Burberry, Loewe, Miu Miu and Paco Rabanne, insisting that everyday images should be modest.

The decor of the clothing feathers are also difficult to call everyday, but with a view fashion guru will not argue. Feathers decorated the sleeves, neckline, skirts and even heels of shoes.

Trends autumn/winter 2019-2020: jewelry accessories

Trends autumn/winter 2019-2020: accessories & decoration / photo:

Belt. With this successfully-chosen accessory can update even the costume from last year’s collections. To emphasize the waist offer a wide belt with a large buckle. And brutal belt with metal holes for fixing will decorate the evening and emphasizes the silhouette.

Gloves. You should purchase gloves length above the elbow. A revolution in the world of fashion in the 70-ies was made by Cristobal Balenciaga. Thanks to him, to wear jewelry over gloves is no longer considered bad taste. In the new season designers offer to wear long gloves over the top of blouses with long sleeves or in combination with jackets with three quarter sleeve and even with the coveralls.

Bags. What can you put in a handbag the size of a cigarette packet or a matchbox? This detail, which is demonstrated in their shows of leading fashion houses, has been the subject of numerous memes in the network. In real life, this decor can simply be attached to a conventional bag. But phony bags standard sizes – the main trend in accessories. This bag is not only original, but also practical. And their shapes and textures they look a bit “cosmic” but very stylish.

Jewelry. In fashion remain massive earrings and jewelry decorated with pearls. This will be important is not the size of the earrings and how they cover the surface of the ear. Some brands offer a surreal model, through which the ears resemble metal. Look this decoration is stylish and bold. Pearls season fall/winter 2019-2020 can not only decorate earrings and bracelets, but clothing, jeans, jackets, coats.

Fashionable shoes for fall/winter 2019-2020

Fashionable shoes for fall/winter 2019-2020 / photo:

The designers decided that the most important thing in a Shoe is comfort. And offered together with shiny dresses, printed skirts, lace tunics to wear black heavy boots, They are successfully combined with daytime and evening images.

Shoes cowboy style is popular throughout the autumn. Nice short cowboy boots with metal studs with jeans, skirts and dresses.

Platform shoes are a practical option for every day. In this case, the platform can be not only shoes, but also shoes, for example, “oxfords”.

Not do this year, and sandals with leopard print and a snakeskin print, which is successfully combined with a basic wardrobe.

Shoes white at first glance, would be extremely impractical, besides, these shoes are difficult with something combine. But in tandem with the basic wardrobe, they will look mega stylish.

High boots reign Supreme for several seasons, and this one is no exception. You can safely get to wear my boots, boots, stockings, and high “bunching”.

As in the fashion of the 70s, the trend will also be wedges.