Photo: a frame from the video At the Mexican store security guard forced the customer to undress

The girl removed all of her clothes during a conversation with a store security guard. Possible shopper so proved that nothing was stolen.

In the Mexican city of Mexico city local resident defiantly stripped naked in a supermarket. It is reported by The Sun.

It is reported that the incident occurred in one of the stores of Walmart in the Mexican capital. The footage shows how the girl in the black tank top and white mini skirt communicates with the guard. Standing next to another man.

At some point, the shopper safely removes the skirt. After some time she takes off and the top, and then out of the supermarket.

Why Mexican girl undressed is unknown, but the Network has suggested that it proved that nothing was stolen from the store.

Earlier it was reported that a naked girl rode on the back of a Ferrari in Ibiza. The Correspondent also wrote that hundreds of naked people swam in the icy sea.

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