The head of the UFC could not clearly determine the best.

UFC President Dana white said, who believes the best MMA fighters.

Number one, in his opinion, Royce Gracie, in the second place Amanda Nunes, and the third John Jones. A definite fighter for fourth place white is not defined.

“Without hesitation you need to call Royce Gracie. Amanda Nunes – she is the greatest female fighter of all time.

The remaining two difficult to call. I would pick Jon Jones. He’s never lost. But even crazier is the fact that it never won, this in itself is incredible. It was possible only to a few people in MMA.

Fourth, I think it should be Chuck Liddell. He was a big star at the time. Or Forrest Griffin, you need to flip a coin to choose between them,” said white in the air podcast The Podcast Schmozone.

Recall that John Jones has suspended his career in the UFC due to the fact that the promotion is willing to pay him more. Did not rule out retirement in the near future and Amanda Nunes.

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