Usually the answer to this question looking for smart guys at the round table in the transmission on one Federal channel (though in that case they have a box), but today we decided to ask you. I have to say: it’s not the nuclear football; and no, our editor is not going on vacation. To be honest, the contents of this case surprised even us, and we have for 10 years a lot of different gadgets and curiosities seen.

In the bag is smartphone. No, he doesn’t have a screen with a diagonal of 24 inches, it’s just not an ordinary smartphone, and gaming. And accordingly brought it to us with all due accessories, which will delight any gamer. Without a smartphone all this does not make sense, so first look at the main character.

Smartphone ROG Phone was introduced in October of last year. This is an amazing smartphone, and there is nothing like it on the market at the moment simply does not exist. Let’s start with the technical specifications of the device, and then move on to the fun part — picking . The smartphone features a 6-inch AMOLED display with FHD resolution+, 12-Megapixel camera, 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of flash memory, battery 4000 mAh and Snapdragon 845. One of the interesting features worth noting the possibility of switching refresh rates from 60 Hz to 90 Hz.

The phone and additional gadgets nicely Packed in a small suitcase, which is also cool stylized.


The set includes a plug-in cooler that actively cools the surface of the device.

Brand ROG Phone case

The case is made in the General style ROG Phone and protects the phone from any drops.

TwinView Dock

Connect your smartphone with TwinView, you can get a console with dual display (secondary display 6-inch FHD+), four front speakers, two extra buttons and an additional double vibrometric and the battery at 6000 mAh, and an advanced cooling system.

Mobile Desktop Dock

With this dock you can connect the smartphone to the Internet using an Ethernet cable, there are connectors for connecting peripherals: microphone input, 3.5 mm audio, HDMI, Display Port, 4 USB 3.1 Type-A port and the Type-C for charging. Supports 4K UHD, you can connect a mouse, keyboard, and even audio system with 5.1 surround sound. Impressive?

WiGig Display Dock

A docking station allows you to play on the smartphone in the living room, connecting it via Wi-Fi to the TV. WiGig Display Dock has an HDMI connector for connecting to a TV station, and is used for data transmission Wi-Fi 802.11 ad (60 Hz). There is an additional USB 3.0 connector Type-A.


This game controller that simplifies gameplay. With the help of the additional menu in any game, you can subtly assign a keyboard shortcut to any action.

Additional features


AirTriggers is the analogue of the Edge Sense from HTC. At the ends of the top and bottom are sensors that react to touch. Thus, squeezing the device in your hands, you can run a previously specified action. In games on the field with the sensors you can assign a click on a button in the game.

Game Center

Displays statistics on memory usage and CPU usage, you can also activate the mode of high performance X-mode and set for each game specific settings when you activate X-mode. Also in Game Center, you can customize the backlight on the back of the device and connect the ROG smartphones to each other to synchronize the backlight.

The game of all games

The Republic of Gamers brand from ASUS needs no introduction — every self-respecting gamer heard about it. The point is not just to produce the device for games, but to create an entire ecosystem of computers, laptops, monitors and different components like motherboards and graphics cards. Now to this ecosystem joined by a smartphone — quite a logical move, given the popularity of mobile devices.

ROG Phone looks very aggressive. Metal speaker grilles painted in copper color, it is noticeably awkward, but comfortable in the hand. The smartphone is made of glass and metal, the build quality on the height — each button is clearly brought to mind before she got here. Such a device is clearly not called “neutral”: however, as such it is not positioned.

When activated, gaming mode (just push on the side) is enabled RGB lighting logo. Devices for PC gamers often boast of such pieces, and smartphone ROG is no exception. In the settings you can set the effect and color for the logo.

The power of this smartphone does not hold. First, here are the top, and even overclocked to 2.96 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 845 graphics Adreno 630. Sounds sweet? And as you 8 GB of RAM into the bargain? So, here it all is. In AnTuTu this splendor has more than 300, 000 points, so that all of Samsung, Xiaomi and the like nervously Smoking in aside.

You, probably, full specifications want? Here they are!

  • Size: 76,16 158,83 x x 8.65 mm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Platform: Android 8.1 Oreo, ROG Gaming X mode UI
  • CPU: 2,96 GHz, OCTA core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • Display: 6-inch, AMOLED, resolution 2160х1080 (18:9) pixels, protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Dual camera: 2×12 MP (Sony IMX363), F1.8, sensor size 1/2.55″, (24 mm + 12 mm lenses), 6-element optics, phase detection autofocus, four-axis optical image stabilization, led backlight, support for 4K UHD video
  • Front camera: 8 MP, F2.0
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM (LPDDR4X), 128 GB / 512 GB of internal (UFS2.1)
  • Interfaces: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5 GHz), 802.11 ad (60 GHz), Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi direct, NFC, micro USB Type-C, GPS/AGPS/GLONASS/BDS, audio Jack 3.5 mm
  • Battery: 4000 mAh, QC4.0 (10V/3A)

Power button and a “rocker” volume control is located right at the bottom there is a USB Type-C connector for charging, which is slightly offset to the left. Nearby there is a headphone Jack. There is also an additional connector for accessories on the left side. In addition, the smartphone has a real water cooling! Additionally, I put an external cooler. We all know how sometimes bask a mobile device, especially if they are loaded “heavy” games. In power supply built into the controller charging, so when charging the gadget is not heated. You can play with!

The display is AMOLED with a resolution of 2160х1080, closed Corning Gorilla Glass. He is a VERY cool and juicy colors such that the direct want to watch. How games look is all a fairy tale. Consumption in games is not very large, the “top speed” you can easily play 5-6 hours. If actively playing and use the smartphone for other purposes, it will last from morning to evening. 4 000 mAh decide!

ROG Phone can unlock it in two ways — using the fingerprint scanner on the back panel, and face. Of course, this is the Face Unlock, but still a useful thing.


It would be strange if in this smartphone was not the front speakers. There are located above and below the screen, they are large and sound great. They are equally good to listen to music or to accompany the sound video and game. So, in shooters, for example, you can even understand which side runs the enemy.


Obviously, the smartphone is designed to pull even the heaviest game. He has no trouble with Fortnite, the UFC and PUBG MOBILE, although the body heats up (saves the cooler). Impressions of the game are incredible, like run it all on a gaming computer. The framerate depends on the game: in less demanding games, the frame rate will be much higher, but the body will still be warm. Most top games are already preinstalled.

In the app Game Center can monitor indicators of CPU, GPU and memory, the CPU. There are also additional settings like rotation speed of the cooler when the latter is connected to the smartphone. At the same time through the app you can set profiles for different games where you can set the frequency to overclock the processor, automatically activate game mode for any game and disable notifications.


This is hardly important, but the camera in this phone too. And they got him ZenFone 5z, also from ASUS (review we did not so long ago was). It’s all the same two cameras in the main module: 12 MP (ƒ/1.8) and the second 8 MP (ƒ/2.2) and a wide viewing angle (120 degrees). There is support for recording videos in 4K, stabilization and other nishtyaki.

Filmed with the main camera of ASUS ROG (source)

Filmed with the main camera of ASUS ROG (source)

On the front camera with 8 MP resolution also get good shots. In the daylight — all a fairy tale, but in the low light works well.

Filmed on the front camera of ASUS ROG (source)

That our life — game

ASUS managed to make a cool phone for gamers: it’s a smartphone for those who appreciate the game and loves playing gadgets, other 70 000 it is unlikely to want to give. However, one should not forget that it’s a smartphone with top-end performance, so if you need to save the world, it will help. He’s got a great display, sound, has unusual “features” like AirTriggers and glowing logo on the body, as well as fast charging. The cons here are hard to find — still a niche device, and there their requirements, and to equate it with the regular phone is not quite right.

How do you like this smartphone? Tell us about your impressions in the comments and in our Telegram chat.