At the tournament, Dan Kolov Yulia Tkach became the best barcina competitions.

Ukrainian representatives of free-style wrestling successfully made a speech at the prestigious tournament Dan Kolov in Bulgaria.

In women’s wrestling will celebrate Julia weaver, who not only won gold in the category up to 62 kg, but was recognized as the best barcina competitions.

His first fight with the Polish barcina Katarina Makovskay Julia won on points 10:0, a confident win in the second fight Chinese athlete At Lu, did not give any point with Johanna Mattson of Sweden, and in the semifinals won the titled Aisuluu Tynybekova.

The final in category of 62 kg became one of the highlights of the tournament. With a score weaver defeated the current world and European champion Ash et Taiyiba.

The bronze award was won by Alla Cherkasova in the category up to 68 kg. She passed the first two opponents, but she lacked one point to win the semi-final of the prize-winner of Championships of Asia, Bahtygul Baltaretu from Uzbekistan. In the bronze final Alla convincingly defeated Lithuania Danute Barcino Domiciliate.

Alina Berezhnaya (makhinya) after a long break back on the carpet, and immediately won a silver medal in a new weight of 72 kg.

Starting in the quarterfinals titled Ukrainka without a struggle has gone on since the athlete from Kazakhstan has not appeared. In the semifinals, Alina won the Chinese Yang CHUCHU, and lost the final to Turkish porcine Tusse Bosun 4:6.

In the men’s tournament a great fight demonstrated Valery Andreytsev (97), Murashi Mchedlidze (97), hotsyanovskiy Alexander (125), Armen Arakelyan (57) and Vladimir Burakov (61).

Especially note Andreytsev, which is gaining experience after a serious injury. Having a difficult grid, he reached the finals, and there it stopped only Olympic champion from the USA Kyle Snyder.

Kazanowski in the final failed to win the triple champion of Asia, three-time world Cup winner Parviz Hajibabaei

Mchedlidze, Arakelyan and Burakov won the bronze medal.

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