Vitrenko: “Gazprom” all crook trying to implement the decisions of international arbitration


The suspension of the appeal court of Svea, the Swedish County of Stockholm arbitration on the dispute between “Naftogaz Ukraine” and PJSC “Gazprom” does not apply to already collected with the Russian company amounts and are valid only on the territory of Sweden. About this he wrote in Facebook chief commercial officer of the Ukrainian company Yuri Vitrenko.

“The decision of the Swedish court of appeal refers exclusively to temporarily stop enforcement of the $2.6 billion c of “Gazprom”, and automatically pauses only foreclose on the territory of Sweden. In all other countries where we recovered funds from “Gazprom” the decision on this issue will take local courts,” – said Vitrenko.

He stressed that Ukraine has already received $2.1 billion in the commodity terms of contract for the supply of gas when the arbitration has reduced the amount of debt of NAK.

“The suspension of the penalty does not apply to the $2.1 billion that has already been collected with “Gazprom”. According to the arbitration decision, these funds were credited in payment for already supplied gas. Thus, the $2.1 billion already received in the form of gas,” – said Vitrenko.

He expressed confidence that “Gazprom” will be collected and approximately $2.6 billion at the end of the trial of disputes about the “gas” and “transit” contracts.

“This is a complex process, as “Gazprom” by hook or by crook trying to implement the decisions of international arbitration. But we gain here. The suspension of the enforcement in Sweden is temporary – until then, until you have considered our arguments on the unreasonableness of the position of “Gazprom”… We hope that soon the suspension will be cancelled,” wrote the commercial Director of “Naftogaz of Ukraine”.

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Posted by Yuriy Vitrenko on Friday, June 29, 2018

In 2014 “Gazprom” and “Naftogaz Ukraine” sued the city contracts for the supply of natural gas from Russia to Ukraine and gas transit through Ukraine from 2009.

22 December 2017 in the “Naftogaz” declared victory over “Gazprom” on all contentious issues of gas supply contract. At the same time in “Gazprom” announced that the court has obliged “Naftogaz” to pay the amount of arrears in the amount of $2 billion and interest for late payment.

28 February 2018 the Stockholm arbitration court satisfied the claim of “Naftogaz Ukraine” to “Gazprom” about the lack of transit volumes. The Ukrainian company has made payment in the amount of $4,63 billion By the results of two arbitration proceedings in Stockholm Gazprom must pay $2, 56 billion in favor of “Naftogaz”.

According to the Ukrainian company, from March 1 to the amount of the debt of “Gazprom”, there are fine.

Gazprom appealed against both the decision of the Stockholm arbitration and started the procedure for termination of the contract with NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine”.

May 30, Naftogaz has begun the procedure of forced recovery from Gazprom $2.6 billion.

On 14 June the Russian company claimed that they have achieved the suspension of the execution of the decision of the Stockholm arbitration under the contract on the transit. According to “Gazprom”, the court of appeal of Svea, the Swedish County on June 28 upheld the suspension of execution of the decision of the Stockholm arbitration.

In NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine” of 29 June said that the decision to suspend is not binding on courts of other jurisdictions. “Accordingly, “Naftogaz” will continue its action to recover the debt of “Gazprom”, – said in a statement.