Omeljan: People paid money for a vacation, and instead of getting into a bad mood and wasted time

Photo: Volodymyr Omelyan / Facebook

July 3 will be an extended meeting of the Ministry of infrastructure, Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of economic development of Ukraine with tour operators and airlines, which will be the delay in the departure of Ukrainian tourists abroad and their return from vacation. About it I wrote in Facebook the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

He said that the Agency is trying to resolve the situation, came back from Tunisia a few hundred of Ukrainians. During the day all clients of the company Oasis Travel needs to fly home, says the Minister.

“I consider it unacceptable that people have paid money for a vacation, and in return get spoiled the mood and spent the time waiting for the “miracle,” commented Omeljan.

Ministry of infrastructure places the responsibility for substantial delays of flights “unscrupulous” operators, which can be punished up to the deprivation of the license, he said.

“Once the free market is not working – enter an efficient market with elements of state regulation and control,” he promised Omeljan.

“And if someone hopes that by closing the company Oasis-1, Oasis will be open tomorrow-2, he was badly mistaken. Will track the real owners. Believe me, the state has plenty of opportunities to issue a new license for years,” he added.

In addition, the state should strengthen control over the licenses of airlines operating both scheduled and Charter flights, the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Укр/EnЩодо ситуації з недобросовісними туроператорами і виконанням чартерних польотів з затримками, інколи…

Posted by Volodymyr Omelyan on Friday, June 29, 2018

In the morning of 28 June, about 300 tourists from Ukraine may not depart from Tunisia. Part of them is in the airport of Monastir, another group were taken to a hotel Sousse.

Airline Bravo Airways and the travel Agency Oasis Travel accuse each other of reneging on the commitments that have led to delays in departures.

Tourists visited the Consul of Ukraine in Tunisia.