Ukrainian singer, ex-vocalist of cult band “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova pleased subscribers seductive pictures in bikini.

The star has published on his page in Instagram. So, it depicted the actress in a striped bathing suit, and near it lies the unhealthy food. “Oh, Gods. I’ll never lose weight”, signed publication Sedokova.

Novostiukraine bikini: Emily Ratajkowski caught in a revealing swimsuit

Fans began to actively comment on the photo of the singer, noting that she has a very good shape.”You don’t need to lose weight, You so beautiful slender”, “I would have Been the same “thick”. Anna, you are perfect” “You are sexy”, “You’re in great shape, the figure is super. A meal we all love,” “do Not need to lose weight, all over the place. You like Monica Bellucci is the goddess of beauty,” wrote the social network users under the post.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, a Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, who lives and works in Russia, has surprised his fans with a new candid video, run into a storm of criticism.