On 21 July it was announced results of the international tasting competition London Wine Competition. It Ukraine was represented by the company Artwinery (formerly “Artemovsky plant of sparkling wines”).

At the end of the contest sparkling wine producer has won 4 silver and 2 bronze medals.

“For the second year in a row our sparkling wines represent Ukraine international wine community on this prestigious European competition. And for us it is a great honor, – says Igor Tolkachev, the General Director of the company Artwinery.

The jury consisted of sommeliers prestigious European restaurants, buyers, sellers and other experts in the wine industry. The experts of the jury claim that appearance encourages people to make a purchase, in addition, is not rare and it affects taste perception of the consumer. Therefore, they evaluated not only the quality of the wines, but also their appearance and value. All these requirements we meet. After all, where else in Europe you will find sparkling, sustained by classical technology in the bottle for more than 3 years for 10 Euro? It is the symbiosis of taste, quality, price and style allows our sparkling to get European recognition,” he added.

Silver sparkling was observed, which was kept in bottles of 24 and 36 months to 60 months, among them the wines of the premium line of ARTWINE. And the bronze was won by sparkling aged between 18 and 24 months.

Sparkling wine ARTWINERY repeatedly represented Ukraine at the leading major international competitions. So, in February of this year ARTWINE BRUT ROSE was the only one in class who was awarded TOP GOLD at the contest PAR Wine Award Dusseldorf 2020.

Artwinery is the unique largest producer of sparkling wines in Europe. All production is located at a depth of 72 meters under the ground in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. Record area wine storage reaches more than 25 hectares. All wines are aged in bottles vintage French classic method Champenois.




Ukrainian greste tremolo 6 nogorod in London

On July 21 Bulo ogoloshen results degustating international competition London Wine Competition. On nomu Ukraine was represented by the company Artwinery (as “Artemevski plant shampanskikh wines”). For pdsma contest grist the fault of the manufacturer was otrimali 4 Srbia and 2 bronze.

“Already one year popl Nashi grist wine predstavljajut Ukraine Minardi of Vinny splint at this prestigious European Concours. I for us TSE is a great honor, comentou Igor Tolkachov, Director General compan Artwinery.

To the warehouse Gur uvisel Somali avtoritetnyh evropeyskih restoranu, pockepc, prodavtsi TA INSHI snavs Vino Galus. Experti suduko coleg stargoat scho sama Sunni estimation spooka lyudin to do the purchase, moreover, nerdc VIN vpliva on Smakov vdott spojovaci. The stench ozonului not only the quality wines, ale shte h Sonny estimation that vartist. Everyone knows, what does CIM imogam mi vdova in pouni Mr. After, de sche in Clubbing VI will znaydete naturalne griste, vitamine for classicnow technology plasc more in 3 years for 10 Euro? The same symbiosis to relish, quality, prices and style dozvola our grastim otrisovat evropeiska recognition”, – he added.

Srbia Buli wasnice grist, that variablesa in Pleskach od 24 I 36 to 60 months, Sered them wine premiline lnike ARTWINE. And bronze was otrimali grist s Vitrenko od 18 I 24 months.

Grist wine ARTWINERY not disposable represented Ukraine at Pravda profling mineralnih competitions. So, in the dead of tsogo rock ARTWINE BRUT ROSE was denim in categor hto trimas TOP GOLD Concours PAR Wine Award Dusseldorf 2020.


Artwinery – uncanny Nili the manufacturer gristy wines in Clubbing. All virobnictvo rostkoviana on gliben hope 72 meters pid of land in ukrainskomu MST Bakhmut. Record square Vinny shoves reaches more 25 hectars. VSI wines whitemouse in Pleskach for starovinna klasichnae frantsuzskomu method Champenois.


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