Ludmila Buimister said that at present, the operators of the distribution system absolutely no money to invest in upgrading networks in the country.

“Model feed-in tariffs NKREKP that today suggested the Regulator is the return at the time of Azarov, when it was proposed to divide the assets of the artificial hand to the “old” and “new”database. This creates a huge corruption risks “, – said the people’s Deputy Lyudmila buymister.

This leads to the fact that deterioration of networks exceeds 80%, the loss of elektroenergii networks to reach 30% in some regions, Ukraine occupies the last place in Europe on quality of electricity supply.

Problem – in tariff on a “Cost +”, said the MP: “This is operating expenses and minor repairs. They are included in the tariff. More in the tariff is not laid anything. And makes it impossible to draw even at normal rates of Bank financing to invest and build a new network.”

Buimister convinced that the country today need to adopt the European approach to formation of tariffs for electricity distribution. This rate will allow power companies to raise funds in the construction of new networks for new energy technologies.

According to Ludmila Buimister, the European approach is based on the weighted average cost of capital. It is used in order to limit the yield and to lay a tariff, the possibility of attracting credit funds for the rehabilitation of the networks.

But the Regulator proposes a different model of the rate, times the Prime Minister Azarov – with the separation of the assets of power companies to the “old” and “new”:

“Today that suggested the Regulator is de facto return to the time of Azarov, when it was proposed to divide the assets of the artificial hand way the old and new database. This creates a huge risk of corruption, the Regulator is in manual mode, in its discretion, adjust the tariff. When you look at this investors, they do not understand how to build a model calculation and as under it is possible to make commitments on loans, to raise funds from other sources, ” says buymister.

We will remind, earlier the Director of energy programs of Razumkov Center Volodymyr Omelchenko said that the implementation of RAB-regulation for the operators of distribution networks will help to attract billions of dollars in investment over 10 years.

The European Business Association proposes to rely on the experience of countries that have successfully implemented the RAB-tariff. Namely, not to divide the asset base on the old to the new and to calculate the rate of return on investment at the level of the weighted average cost of capital.