Ukrainian singer MOROZOVA on the day voluntarily lost freedom. All for the sake of shooting a new video for the song “Strong”. The video was directed by Elena Vinarskaia, she thought and style of the artist in the frame. This is the first joint work of MOROZOVA and popular music video Director.

“I wanted to show MOROZOVA in two opposite images: the weak and strong women. This contrast attracts a magnet and there it was — languid, sexy, tempting; the moment and she fearlessly fights with men! MOROZOVA is a real universal soldier!”, — says Elena Vinarskaia.

The “chip” in the clip were stunts that MOROZOVA was performed without doubles, and a prison cell, where the singer has a fight with one of the prisoners! While preparing to shoot the singer for several months was engaged in martial arts and yoga, and also sat on a very strict diet. According to MOROZOVA, the video for “Strong” was a real challenge and prepare for it, and on the set.

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“A strong woman often lives by men’s rules. But our real strength lies in weakness, femininity and emotional dependence on another person. These sensuality and love so important in each!”, — says MOROZOVA.

The track “Strong” will be included in the solo album of the singer, on which work will be completed in the near future.

Video premiere MOROZOVA “Strong” will be held today, November 29, in “DK PRIME” on channel M1. The video is already available on the official channel of the singer in YouTube.