The Builder has grown a tumor the size of your head

The tumor grew on the lower jaw of a Builder for seven years. Men do not have 185 thousand UAH for the operation.

The Philippines Builder of his mouth grew a tumor from his head. A man can only eat liquid food. Reported by the Daily Mail.

30-year-old Leonardo Maurice from the Philippines in the lower jaw for the past seven years growing a tumor. The man suspects that the reason for its occurrence was the injury which he received in 23 years.

Since then, the Builder jaw ached and swelled. It turned out that on the lower jaw men formed a huge ameloblastoma. A benign tumor formed from the epithelium of the dental papilla.

Now tumor size is about the same as the head of Maurice. A man can’t eat, he drinks only juices and liquid food.

The Builder does not earn a lot so he has no money for an operation to remove the tumor. Surgery will cost Pacquiao approximately 185 thousand.

Earlier, the Correspondent reported that the British woman was pregnant with a huge cyst. A tumor on the ovary of the girl reached 26 pounds. Earlier, the American had removed an ovarian tumor weighing 60 pounds. The woman gained four kilograms in do not share.

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