A group of tourists, among them – Ukrainian businessman, was forced to return to the UK after a failed attempt to include in a Villa in Cannes in the South of France during a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.


This was reported by British tabloid the Mirror. Among them were seven men ranging in age from 40 to 50 years old and three young women aged 24 to 27 years.

They had to land on the business jet Suite Embraer Legacy at the airport Marseille-Provence, and from there to get to the Villa three helicopters. But they were intercepted by law enforcement.

Ukrainian businessman ruined the stay at the Villa with the girls in Cannes, he staged a scandal. Illustration

A police source stressed that, faced with the militiamen, Ukrainian businessman offered them the cash and said, “I Have money, let’s talk”. It is noted that the Ukrainian “paid for everything”, including a Villa and a plane, and “looking forward to fun with friends and girls.”

“He said they all go to the Villa and there are closed, and no problems. But it was obviously an easy ride, and in the framework of constraining measures (coronavirus. – Ed.) it is strictly forbidden,” added the source.

It is also noted that it was planned by the citizen of Croatia, who works in Finance and real estate.

So, commercial flights at airports throughout Europe at the time of the pandemic COVID-19 was significantly reduced, and the authorities are trying to stop private planes that violate constraints. The police guarding the airport Marseille-Provence, asked for a private plane not to land, but he did it anyway. However, passengers are not allowed to go.

According to the source, on Board were citizens of Germany, France, Romania, Croatia and Ukraine. They were arguing with the police and was angry when the helicopter that was waiting for them, received orders not to take anyone on Board and the pilots were fined for violation of quarantine rules. Nine people returned a private plane to London (UK), and tenth in Germany.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Ukrainians will be able to get a refund for disrupted due to coronavirus holiday from a tour operator, but it will take a few months.

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