The presidency of Vladimir Zelensky lasts long enough to draw conclusions. Moreover, a crisis like the present, exhibit all of the characteristics.

Now about what is missing Vladimir Alexandrovich to become the national leader sought by the country, and whom he no doubt intended to be. In descending order of importance:

  • Understanding what is happening in the country and the world.

  • Even more important than geopolitical to be encyclopedic, but to understand that you don’t understand much, and to compensate for this desire to learn and the ability to choose teachers.

  • Intent to possible to rely on domestic capabilities and to look everywhere for the Ukrainian interest.

  • Here there is nothing to decipher — the difference in relation to the same IMF Zelensky and Goloborodko speaks for itself. And so on.

    Vladimir Zelensky

  • The ability to allocate the main thing and focus on it.

  • For example, today in our situation the main thing — not to try to stop the disease, which is impossible in principle, and to maintain a balance between survival of the population and save the economy. Because the fallen economy will finish the people and the country.

  • Ready to build adequate and effective management system, and not integrated into the corrupt oligarchic existing.

  • Remember, as the WHA announced its symbolic move of comparting building on Bankova street. And remained there. That is also symbolic.

  • The desire to plan, and not improvise.

  • Of course, improvisation is impossible not only in the show Bizet, but also in politics. But this is the situation. But in General, the state system works effectively only plan: no plan — nothing to control, all smoke and wait for instructions from above, and the system starts to work for the country and to itself.

  • The ability to enforce decisions.

  • Not only is it important to announce the correct position in the video, it is necessary to achieve their performance. The required system — to trace, to punish the negligent. Zelensky is limited to the Declaration, and the system ignores his good intentions. Impunity — death management system.

  • Ready to pull up others, not to withdraw into their.

  • It’s not about forced of despair agreement on joint voting with the same Poroshenko. Talking about integration in the General Ukrainian business those who are not nice to you personally, but it was useful.

  • Willingness to treat their harshly than others.

  • Only such an approach cements a great management system. Officials think the bottom: if the leader of your friend got fired for it, then for me it’s just a shot. And are afraid to be substituted.

  • Ability to oversee a team of a mobilizing principle.

  • It’s subtle and rare quality: a team needs not to pander to the leader, and try to get him to do what he does not want, but need for business.

  • Courage is not afraid of difficult decisions, competent professionals, intelligent people, hard critics of electoral consequences.

  • Item not need to decipher.

    No one is able to get the highest scores on all the criteria of a statesman. But we must strive. And to compensate for personal discrepancies through proper selection of the team. Alas, Vladimir Zelensky frankly buggy in crisis overload, and the team drowns him in a warm bath instead of helping — not as a friend, but as a statesman, from whom the fates depends on the existence of the country.

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