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Ukrainian men’s team lost to Latvia in the qualification for the world Cup-2019.

The men’s team of Ukraine on basketball, in the final match of the first stage of selection for the world Cup 2019 in Kiev a crushing lost to Latvia − 71:93.

In the first two quarters of Ukraine at least and conceded the game to the opponent, but she managed to stay at the level of 6-10 points of loss. However, in the third quarter, the Latvians added decided the outcome of the game, having organized themselves the advantage to 21 points. The final quarter turned into a formality, but even Ukrainians were not able to win.

The most productive player of the match was Latvian Janis Strelnieks, who scored 26 points. Among the Ukrainians scored captain Vyacheslav Kravtsov (15).

Ukraine – Latvia 71:93 (12:16, 22:25, 18:32, 19:20).

Ukraine: Jeter (11 + 5 assists – 5 turnovers), Gladyr (8 + 7 rebounds), Konev (4), hares (5), Kravtsov (15 + 8 rebounds) – start; Windbags, Lukashov (5 + 6 assists), Fake (7), beavers (12 + 6 rebounds), Pustovoy (4), Mishula

Despite the defeat, the Ukraine entered the second stage of selection for the world Cup 2019. In the second phase of the “Ukrainian” group will join with the group And which probably will be released on Spain, Slovenia and Montenegro. Scores at the first stage are stored.

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