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In addition to Ukrainian scientists from the Russian project Gamma-400 went Italian, but remained Belarusians.

Ukrainian and Italian scientists came from the Russian space project Gamma-400, which is planned for launch in 2030. This was reported by the chief researcher of the physics Institute Arkady’per, writes

The project involves the creation of astrophysical space Observatory to observe gamma-ray Sources in the Universe.

The scientist said that at some point they have ruptured relations with Italian colleagues. It was planned that the Italians will make the Observatory a piece of equipment that measures the angle of flight of gamma particles.

“Ukrainians, we just had to stop work because their leadership allegedly politely encouraged scientists not to participate,” he said.

It is reported that Ukraine had to make detectors – clear crystals, through which gamma particles and loses energy, and it can be measured. Also, the Ukrainian side was responsible for the equipment that measures the electromagnetic environment. This equipment will produce the Russian side.

This project will participate Belarus. She is ready to make a piece of ground equipment required for testing of the Observatory.