Shooting has already begun.

Erica robotwith artificial intelligence, will play a major role in a science fiction movie. As informs the Hollywood Reporter, the picture under the name b will be the first of its kind — previously, AI’s never done as an actor, writes the magazine “the Knife”.

The budget b is $ 70 million — the money was allocated from several production companies: BondIt Capital Media, to promote the film “To the bone” and “van Gogh. With love, Vincent” Happy Moon Productions and Ten Ten Global Media.

The plot tells the story of a scientist, “which is found as a dangerous program to improve human DNA, and helps to save woman with AI, which he designed”.

Eric has developed in 2018 Japanese scientists from Osaka and Kyoto. It is also recorded a few videos. According to Sam Jose, one of the authors of the picture, before shooting the robot had to work thoroughly, modeling his movements and behavior.

Although the painting still has no Director, filming has already begun: last year the team shot some scenes with Erika in Japan. The rest of the film will be shot in Europe in 2021.