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In Antalya will be the final match of the national team of Ukraine in 2018, rival Turkey team, led by Mircea Lucescu.

The national team of Ukraine, on Tuesday, November 20, will play a friendly match with Turkish team. This will be the final match of the Ukrainian team in 2018.

The fight will take place in Antalya, on the same stadium “Antalya arena”.

Kick off time is 19:30. Live broadcast on Football 2 TV channel.

Корреспондент.net provident text online broadcast of the meeting.


A draw in the first half of the Ukrainian young people looked nice. The second – best forgotten.


90. Nothing special on the field is not happening. Mass substitutions completely killed the game.

88. The Swede was shown a yellow card. Here and scored in his debut game.

86. Boryachuk and still came on for Kovalenko.

84. The Dynamo earned a corner-kick. At least something, because the blow was nothing at all.

83. Really. Buyalsky went on for Makarenko.

80. The second half Ukraine just can’t afford to bring in an asset, the Turks look better.

79. Under shot from distance over the crossbar.

77. The Swede is making its debut in the national team, so he is Tsygankova.

Buyalsky somehow did not produce.

75. Zinchenko melee does not pereigral Bolat. The time, after all.

73. Bolbat like how the withdrawal of one-on-one, but the referee whistled offside.

69. Malinowski was gathered from the free – kick straight into the arms of the Keeper.

68. Malinowski beautifully translated into Tsygankova, he ran away from the defender who had to foul.

65. Turkey in the second half much more actively, presses and closes down.

63. Instead of the Linnets came Bolbat.

61. Again scored Turkey, and once again this ball was canceled. During the standard in the offside position turned out to be Turks.

56. Konoplyanka from a distance decided to break through. Again the crossbar.

51. SAVE LUNIN! Well developed and reflected a dangerous blow.

50. Replacement our team: Malinowski is Shaparenko.

47. Linnet tried to break but caught the boot for the lawn. Very bad pitch in Antalya.


Ukrainian youth looks good. But nothing dangerous, in fact, did not create any of the teams.


43. Unal scored, but the referee a goal has not tasital was a foul on Plastun before.

42. Plastun blocked kick, malli.

40. Tsygankov took a different Soroti, but could not give an accurate pass to the Linnet.

37. The first card in the match on account of Shaparenko.

35. Zinchenko on the flank famously beat the opponent, but the cross was interrupted by the goalkeeper.

30. By the way, Ukraine is constantly trying to go from defence through a pass and succeed. No knock forward. Due to the absence of Stepanenko in the middle of the field?

29. A cross from the left from Eid – a person knocked out for a corner.

28. Shaparenko was filed for burst into the penalty area, Mikolenko – Keeper took the ball to the exit.

24. Kovalenko brought Tsygankova one-on-one, but to beat the goalkeeper of the Turkish winger could not.

23. Long shot Bayram – wide.

18. The Dynamo attack is the national team of Ukraine held Tsygankov, heel dropping on Mikolenko, but a defender blocked.

17. Great attack dispersed Zinchenko and Mikolenko, delivered the ball Kovalenko in the box Turkey, but he shot very bad.

15. Interesting attack Turkey could pass, but the attempt on goal as should rally to the ball but could not.

12. Plastun and Matvienko tried to bratica the ball after a cross from Konoplyanka, but only prevented each other.

9. Shaparenko passed, turned around, rolled on Zinchenko, but the accurate transmission could not pay.

8. Malli gets in far – missed.

7. The end of Mikolenko interrupted, but we run forward, our debutant is very confident.

6. Ukraine starts without a nominal striker, the role assigned to Kovalenko.

5. Down sent the Linnet to – elbow in the nose.

4. Linnet for a long time moving with the ball in midfield, thought long and broke above the gate.

2. Already had a chance to score Unal, simple flank, but Matvienko doborolsya forward to the end.

1. Absolutely experimental part of Ukraine, I wonder how he is going to gel. In the beginning of the game while the difficulty of defense.


The match is expected to be about 25 thousand fans.

Shevchenko was very surprised with the composition, the experiments continue, start the young one.

Mikolenko debut for the national team. 7 players from the start can still play for the national team U-21.

Andrei Lunin (19), Vitaly Nikolenko (19), Nicholas Matvienko (22), Oleksandr Zinchenko (21), Nikolay Shaparenko (20 years), Victor Tsygankov (21), Victor Kovalenko (22).

The average age of the starting line – 23.1.


Turkey: Bolat, Mulder, Ayhan, Councu, Bayram Kahveci, Acushla, Under, With An Attempt On Goal, Malli, Unal

Ukraine: Lunin, Mikolenko, Matvienko, Plastun, Karavaev, Zinchenko, Makarenko, Shaparenko, Linnet, Tsygankov, Kovalenko

After a crushing defeat from Slovakia in the final match of the League of Nations UEFA with the account 1:4, the team of Andrey Shevchenko will try to rehabilitate and retire on a positive wave.

Although the Department considered the underdog of the match the Ukrainian national team. The victory of the Ukrainian team is given a coefficient of 3.10. Draw is estimated 3.35, victory against Turkey was 2.31.

The national teams of Ukraine and Turkey met in the last selection for the 2018 world Cup, then wards of Shevchenko celebrating his victory in Kharkiv (2:0) and drew away (2:2).

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko: “we Now have a friendly game, sparring with a worthy opponent. The current Turkey – a promising team, which is under construction. We are also in the process of building a team, and we will have the opportunity to give another chance to prove himself to those artists who had had less match practice. The more we will be able to carry out substitutions, the better. Let’s see who we can expect in the next year.”

The head coach of the Turkish national team Mircea Lucescu: “In my experience, that in Ukraine a lot of strong performers. Always in the team are the players of my former club – Donetsk “Shakhtar”. In this command, a lot of them too. However, there are key positions are Brazilians, so the Ukrainian players at Shakhtar a little out of practice. However, it is a high level players”.