Turkey offered the United States together to place the military in Syria in exchange for withdrawal of the Kurdish militia from the border with Turkey district.

Photo: Reuters

The head of the US state Department Rex Tillerson after meeting with Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that relations between the two countries are at a crisis point.

“We decided, President Erdogan decided last night that we need to discuss a way out. Our relationship is too important”, — quotes Agency Reuters Rex Tillerson.

What are the differences?

The two-day Rex Tillerson’s visit to Turkey comes amid strained relations between the two countries.

January 20 the Turkish army is in Syria “operation Olive branch” against Kurdish militias in the border with Turkey.

Turkey considers the Kurdish militia in Syria branch of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK) which is banned in Turkey and is fighting for Kurdish autonomy since 1984 .

However, the forces of the Kurds was one of the most reliable allies in the fight against the extremist jihadist group “Islamic state” (recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia and many other countries).

If a Turkish attack would move East to the city of Manbij, it is likely that the combat zone will expand to areas where based us military trainers and special forces.

What Turkey offers?

The Prime Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Turkey is ready for cooperation with the US action in the region if the Kurdish people’s protection Units leave the city of Manbij.

Turkey offers the US to deploy in the Northern region of Syria joint military contingent to ensure security.

“It’s very important who exactly will manage and provide security in these areas — said Cavusoglu. — We will coordinate efforts to restore stability in Manbij and other cities. We’ll start with Manuja. After the people’s protection Units leave it, we together with the United States can take joint steps based on trust,” he says.

The US and Turkey created the mechanisms for future negotiations in which the situation in Manbij will be a priority, he added. The first round of negotiations to be held in mid-March.

Tillerson said that the US recognize Turkey’s right to defend its borders, but urged Ankara to refrain from sudden movements.

Tillerson also acknowledged that the United States had not fulfilled this promise Turkey that the Kurdish forces left Manbij, when he will be liberated from the extremists.

“The United States previously gave Turkey the promises we have not fulfilled. In the framework of the working group, we will work on it, and Manbij will be a priority,” he said.

Jonathan Marcus, correspondent Bi-bi-si on security issues:

No one knows what will happen in Syria. I think what we are seeing now, with the disappearance of the “Islamic state” as a territorial entity, this is not the end of the war in Syria, but the beginning of a new phase.

This new phase of the war is marked by intensification of foreign players — Russia, USA, Israel, Turkey and of course Iran.

Today all these parties, in essence, waging a proxy war on Syrian soil. From the beginning of the war, but now it seems that this is associated with the actions of other countries aspect comes to the fore.

This leads to various difficulties and contradictions, not only between Turkey and the United States. Recently we heard about the Russian mercenaries killed in Syria during us bombing.

Such cases are, in my opinion, very well emphasize the potential consequences of the Syrian conflict, which are becoming more dangerous.