Experts came to the conclusion that Glory Monument is in poor condition

The monument will be demolished. Photo:

In Lviv, the parts are going to dismantle the Monument of glory, erected in Soviet times in honor of the Soviet soldiers. Recently this monument has repeatedly been subjected to “nitrogenio” by unknown: it Mara color and repelled stone elements.

“Based on the findings of a study of the technical condition of the monument of Glory, the decision on carrying out the dismantling of the tallest steles of the monument. Some elements of this design is in acute emergency condition,” – said the mayor of Lviv

Subsequent decisions concerning the monument of Glory will be taken at the meetings of the working group of the city Council. One of the proposed options – the museumification of the monument, where key elements will go into storage in the Museum “Territory of terror”.

Recall recently in Lviv police received a report that the street Stryiska unknown damaged a Monument of Glory. They dismantled the inscription “to the Victors over Nazism,” and instead wrote “monument to the invaders.” Young people tried to repel the hammers five-pointed star from the front of the monument