Iran is for the United States, perhaps the second largest challenge after China. This view was voiced on Wednesday by US President Donald trump at a press conference in new York.

Photo: Reuters

“I think there was no greater challenge, with the possible exception of China,” he said, speaking about Iran. Trump also once again criticized the prisoner with Tehran Joint comprehensive action plan on nuclear program (SVPD).

The President of the United States believes that Iran sooner or later will return to negotiations on the Iranian nuclear dossier.

“I think that Iran will return to me and make a good deal” — he said, admitting, however, that this may not happen. Thus, according to trump, no matter what you think about the Iranian agreement world leaders of other countries. “I just want them [the Iranians] did not have nuclear weapons, — said the President. Is it too much to ask?”

The American leader also once again claimed that after the US withdrawal from the agreement on the nuclear issue, the Iranian economy has been undergoing great difficulties, in the streets, held protests, and a variety of companies throughout their business from the Islamic Republic.

“I think at one point they [the Iranians] will want to come back and say, “Can we do something?” — suggested the head of the White house, referring to its willingness to enter into talks with the US on the nuclear issue.

In may, trump announced the release of Washington from a Joint comprehensive plan of action — transactions, which limits the nuclear program of Tehran in exchange for lifting the relevant sanctions of the UN Security Council and unilateral restrictive measures imposed by the US and the EU. Trump has promised not only to renew the old, but also to impose new sanctions against Tehran.

Part of the American sanctions was launched in the night of August 7, covering in particular the automotive sector of Iran, the sale of gold and several metals. Restrictions on the export of petroleum products will come into force on 5 November. The rest of the transaction parties (Russia, China, France, Germany and the UK) do not approve of the US withdrawal from the AGREEMENT and remain committed to the agreement. The EU has enacted a blocking Statute which declares null and void in its territory of U.S. sanctions against Iran and prohibits European companies to comply with them.