Lutsenko announced the consideration of the appointment of the CEC on 12 July

Photo: Irina Lutsenko / Facebook

The Verkhovna Rada plans to consider the appointment of new members of the Central election Commission at the evening meeting on July 12. The journalists said the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada, MP from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko Iryna Lutsenko, the correspondent of the edition “GORDON”.

“We plan to approach the voting for the new composition at 16.00. Just had a message from [speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy] Parubiy about it,” – said Lutsenko.

She noted that at a meeting of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko will discuss for which candidates are prepared not to vote to unblock the appointment process of the CEC members.

“If “people’s front” will agree, and they so defended and so worried about the Opposition bloc… If they are willing to be its candidate to withdraw, we with our representatives to determine no problem… You are confused, that is not enough to you? Please we are not willing to vote for any of our candidates, so it is as if to withdraw, but this is not a review, it will not vote for him” – said Lutsenko.

The politician stressed that the refusal to vote for one candidate will allow to appoint a new CEC without running the procedure again.

23 January 2018, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the submission on the appointment of new CEC members. He proposed the appointment of Alla Basalaeva, Natalia Bernatsky, Michael Urbinskogo, Irina Efremov, Andrey Evstigneev, Olga Zheltova, Konopatskova Oleg, Svetlana Bush, Olga Lotyuk, Vitaly Pucara, Eugene Radchenko, Dr. Tatyana Slipachuk, Leontius Shipilova, Tatiana Uskova. February 5, the President submitted to the Parliament a representation of 14 members of the CEC. Candidates from the Opposition bloc in the list was not.

Under the law, the CEC shall consist of 15 members, powers of two are still ongoing, thus, the Council must appoint only 13 members of the CEC.

On may 16, the speaker of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy said that the algorithm is how to determine out of 14 candidates, 13 have been found. On the morning of 5 July, the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada, MP from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko Iryna Lutsenko said that the Parliament has an agreement for 14 candidates to the Central election Commission.

5 July, the Parliament refused to consider the new composition of the Central election Commission. According to the rating ballot, the hall was not enough votes. Part of the faction of the Poroshenko Bloc left the session hall in protest against the failure of the vote.

On July 9, in Block Petro Poroshenko said that the faction insists on reformatting of the Central election Commission of Ukraine this week.

On this day, Parubiy said that the number of deputies propose to amend the law on the Central election Commission of Ukraine to be able to appoint 14 members of the CEC. According to him, the parliamentary factions will hold consultations on this issue.

On 11 July the head of the faction “people’s front” Maxim Burbak said that his faction did not support the idea of the legislature increasing the number of members of the Central election Commission of Ukraine.

11 Jul Parubiy declared that in the Verkhovna Rada is no progress on the question of reformatting of the CEC.

12 July, the head of BPP Arthur Gerasimov said that the faction is ready to withdraw one candidate for the position of CEC member. He called for a “popular front” to take this step. The people’s Deputy from “popular front” Leonid Yemets noted that nominations can be revoked by the President.