The court in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany allowed to give Spain the former head of the Catalan government, Carles Pokdemon on charges of embezzlement of state funds. This is stated in a statement on Thursday the statement of the court.

Carles Pujdeme. Photo: Reuters

At the same time, the court rejected the possibility of issuing Pokdemon on charges of inciting to riot. Thus, in Spain it will not be able to judge by this article.

Earlier it was reported that Spain has provided videos that can indicate a fault Pokdemon in sedition. The court found these materials unpersuasive.

Pujdeme fled to Brussels from Spain in late October last year after a referendum on secession of Catalonia from the Kingdom and the proclamation by the Parliament of the region of independence . On March 25 he was arrested in Germany on the way from Finland to Belgium after the issuance of a Spanish court to the European warrant for his arrest on charges of inciting to riot, and the embezzlement of state funds.

Now the politician is in Germany. According to the decision of the German court released him on bail of € 75 thousand.