Konechenkov: If the President does not intervene in the situation, the adoption of a law on changing the conditions of support for renewable energy could be delayed for months and lead to the bankruptcy of the industry

Photo: inef.org.ua

The resolution of the crisis in the field of “green” energy and the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada bill №3658 on the reduction of “green” tariff depends on the position of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, said in comments to the portal “Energoinform” the head of Board of Ukrainian wind energy Association Andriy Konechenkov.

“If the President does not intervene in the situation, the adoption of a law on changing the conditions of support for renewable energy could be delayed for months and lead to the bankruptcy of the industry. A meeting of the Committee on energy and Parliament on this matter can be transported for a long time,” he said in comments to the website during the meeting industry representatives in support of renewable energy in the government quarter on July 17.

The expert is convinced that the adoption of the bill on the restructuring of “green” tariffs to reflect the revisions of the representatives of solar generation is the optimal scenario and it is in the interests of the state and the industry.

“If it is considered part of the editing for SES and the bill is passed, the situation is balanced, will begin to stabilize the resumption of financing to build solar and wind farms, and then everything depends on the “green” auctions that will determine the real price of electricity, on what investors would be willing to come to Ukraine”, – he said.

If Parliament adopts the majority of the cast of people’s deputies of the amendments is to turn the bill into a “strange document, which will further harm the investment climate and the legislative process,” said Konechenkov.

“The situation with the bill proves once again that there is no transparency, no fairness in law-making, and decisions are made at the behest of industry groups, the purpose of which in this case is to stop the “green energy” and bring the industry to the default,” – said the head of the profile Association.

On July 3 the Parliament voted for this bill in the first reading. The vote on the second reading was postponed from the 17th of July 21.

The former head Dmitry NKREKU wolf in your Facebook published a link to the news that allegedly the people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Andrew Gerus discussed with the people’s Deputy from the group “For the future” Igor Palitsa, which the media associated with businessman Igor Kolomoisky, an amendment to the bill to reduce the rate of 40-50%.

Investors said that the decisions are not agreed in the Memorandum will cause them to seek international arbitration. According to estimates by the Razumkov Center, the total amount of losses for Ukraine in the arbitration may reach 250 billion.

The Energy community Secretariat welcomed the signing of the Memorandum between the government and investors in green energy and training bill No. 3658. In the statement it was said that to solve the problems of “green” energy and saving the investment climate of Ukraine the draft law should be adopted in Parliament before the holidays that begin in mid-July.

In early July, U.S. congressmen urged President Vladimir Zelensky to achieve results in the negotiations with investors in green energy and help to strengthen already existing agreements in law, wrote “UKRINFORM”.

According to the Prime Minister of Denis Smagala, legislative implementation of the provisions of the Memorandum will allow Ukraine to save about 2 billion euros until 2030. He also noted that the proposed for adoption in the Parliament the draft law should fully respect the provisions set out in the Memorandum.

The energy sector of the Ukraine crisis, the state company in the electricity market have accumulated billions of dollars in debt. In particular, government debt “Guaranteed buyer” to investors in green energy exceeded $ 17 billion.