Photo: CERN

Find belongs to the first class of particles, which has not yet been opened.

In the European organization for nuclear research opened tetraquark new type. This was reported on the official website of CERN, reports

The experts of the scientific LHCb collaboration has discovered a new quark consisting of two C-quarks and two-recorded the creation. These particles are also called “charmed quarks” and “charmed antiquarii”.

It is believed that the find belongs to the “first class particles”, which have not yet been opened. Scientists emphasize that the hadrons usually consist of two or three quarks, Tetra and Penta quarks previously only predicted by theoretical.

As explained by scientists, these particles represent unusual combinations of quarks are the ideal “laboratory” to explore one of the four known fundamental forces of nature – the strong interaction, which binds protons, neutrons and the nucleus of the atom”.

It is also noted that the detected particle may be e tetraquark, and two temporarily connected between the quarks of two particles.

The study of “exotic” particles could help to better understand one of the four fundamental interactions that bind protons, nestorone and the nucleus of the atom.