Photo: a scene from the musical Cats

The drafters of the rating analysis took into account all costs, including production, artists ‘ fees, promotion and other factors.

The rating of the paintings,the proceeds from the show which are unable to recoup the costs of their production and advertising. Five of the most unprofitable movies of 2019 has submitted a publication Deadline.

Topped the rating of the most unprofitable movies of 2019 blockbuster X-Men: the dark Phoenix. In the last part of the superhero franchise have invested $ 200 million, but after its release, the creators were in the red at $ 133 million. In hire the tape has collected a total of 252 million.

Second place went to the Terminator: the Dark fate. An attempt to revive the popular franchise of the 1980s years has resulted in producers spending at 122 million dollars.

In third place – the musical Cats. Spectators were disappointed with the film adaptation. The loss amounted to 113 million dollars.

The five worst also entered Gemini with will Smith and cartoon the missing link. They brought a loss of 111 million and 101 million dollars, respectively.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of Kiev received an Oscar for best documentary short film.

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