Photo: TMZ Harrison Ford in the cockpit of his Aviat Husky

The incident involving Hollywood actor was in the airport of Hawthorne in the County of Los Angeles.

Famous American 77-year-old actor Harrison Ford was provoked at the airport in southern California a dangerous incident that could end with the plane crash. About it on Wednesday, April 29, reports TMZ.

Ford crossed the runway on its Aviat Husky, which he was driving at the time when another aircraft was landing. What is another plane, not specified. Ford noted that misinterpreted the message dispatch service. But in the end no one was hurt, the aircraft missed each other by one kilometer.

The Federal aviation administration confirmed the incident.

It is known that Harrison Ford made a training flight, needed to update his pilot’s license.

Loving flying Harrison Ford for many years fulfilled a humanitarian mission in Haiti, worked with the organization Doctors without borders and helping to save two stray tourists in Wyoming in 2000. He also saved the injured climber, who was in the mountains for three days before they found her the star of the films about Indiana Jones.

Ford is known for his roles in the films about Indiana Jones. Other famous roles of Ford in the Games of the patriots, Star wars and blade Runner.

The actor has already got into the incident with the plane. So, on February 13, airport John Wayne, in the state of California. Ford was piloting his two-seater aircraft Husky, when, instead of the specified band Manager turned to the taxiway, and nearly became the cause of the accident. Later, the US Federal government decided not to punish the actor Harrison Ford for the incident.

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