The Russian defense Ministry said the details of the naval operations

L-39. Photo: WPAviatrix /Wikipedia

After the crash of a training aircraft L-39 in the Azov sea failed to find the wreckage and the bodies of the two pilots. This was reported in the defense Ministry.

To raise the large fragments were sent to the boat of the black sea fleet.

“According to the results of search works on 20 October in the area of the crash of a training aircraft L-39 is installed at the location of the fragments of the bodies of both the dead pilots. For lifting large fragments of the aircraft fuselage in the area of search operations, directed the rescue boat of the black sea fleet, equipped with a lifting mechanism and can ensure diving descents,” – said in the defense Ministry.

We will remind that the plane L-39 crashed on October 18 and the cause of the crash could be a technical fault. It is known that the aircraft was performing a flight without ammunition. It happened while performing a planned training flight near the village Dolzhansky Krasnodar territory

In September in the Russian Nizhny Novgorod region crashed MiG-31. The incident occurred during a training flight in the terminal area of the city Pie.