The Saudi authorities are hiding the truth about the death of Jamal Kosugi

Jamal Kosugi. Photo: AFP

The Prime Minister of Denmark Lars løkke Rasmussen said that Saudi Arabia had not told the whole truth about the death of journalist Jamal Kosugi in the Consulate of the country in Istanbul. About it reports TV channel TV2.

“The fact that the Saudis today have confirmed his death after the first, explained that he left the Consulate alive, shows that we do not have the full truth about it, and that we should insist (on it),” said the Premier, stressing that further investigation of the incident.

We will note, the President of the United States Donald trump expressed his confidence to the version of Saudi Arabia that the opposition journalist Jamal Kosugi died in the Saudi Consulate in Turkey as a result of fighting. The head of the White house said during a visit to military airport in Arizona, according to The New York Times.

The American leader said that the murder of the journalist “unacceptable” and he still has some questions that he would ask Saudi Prince Muhammad. Trump said that the conversation should take place before the issue will be resolved on possible sanctions against Saudi Arabia.

The US President also expressed hope that Congress will not block admission to the United States “billions of dollars” from the sale of arms to the Saudis.