The organizing Committee of the Olympic games in 2018, said on Wednesday the number of cases of norovirus infection in South Korea’s Pyeongchang has increased to 86 people. On it informs Agency France-Presse.

Photo: Reuters

“On 6 February, we had 32 cases, but today we have 54 cases, only 86 cases of norovirus,” said Director of the Korean center for control and disease prevention Kim Chung Yun. Of the number of patients three were preparing food in the media village. It is noted that water and food are the main carriers of the disease.

“Most importantly, cases of infection of athletes is not fixed, — said Kim Yun Chung. — We do everything possible to prevent possible infection, which may prevent them from performing at the Games.”

Earlier it was reported that more than 1,200 of the organization’s staff involved in policing the Olympics, was dismissed from his work. They are in quarantine . They were replaced by 900 men, who will be policing, until the entire security staff will not be able to return to his work.