This winter never ceases to surprise us. Not had time to recover from the flood capital of France was covered with snow. A similar pattern in neighbouring Spain.

According to El Pais, the orange danger level due to heavy snowfall, was announced yesterday in Madrid and 32 provinces of the country. Hundreds of passengers were stranded at airports were closed motorway. Several thousand homes across the country were left without electricity.

Madrid, 6 February 2018. Photo: Reuters

In one of the urban parks of Madrid during a snowfall

Railway workers clear power lines of fallen under the weight of snow branches. Spain, February 6, 2018

The farmer drives the cows to the barn. Spain, February 6, 2018

Snowfall paralyzed the life of the French capital. In Paris on the night of Tuesday fell 15 cm of snow. Two thousand people turned out to be a night locked in their cars in the suburbs of the capital, reports RFI. The disturbed schedule of urban and suburban transport .

Photo: Reuters

“We are faced with an exceptional situation”, told AFP a representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Frederick de Louvel and urged motorists not to go anywhere by car.

The metro in Paris because of the snow is intermittent. 7 Feb 2018

The statue of the obvious one is the sunglasses dressed in life jacket to protect from flooding, but apparently soon it will have to hide from the frost

On Wednesday, Air France announced the cancellation of 90% of long-haul flights, 60% medium-range flights from the airport Charles de Gaulle and 50% of short flights from Orly.

The second day closed for visitors the main attraction — the Eiffel tower.

Newlyweds from Japan photographed against the backdrop of the snow-covered Eiffel tower. Paris, 7 February 2018

In the Bois de Vincennes woods. Paris, 7 February 2018

Skier on the Champ de Mars. Paris, 7 February 2018

But the worst, forecasters warned, is yet to come. It is expected that the temperature in Paris drops to -10 ºC. Such a serious cold for the city — it is a real disaster.

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